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Tired of being out of shape?  Feel like you’re missing out on the good life?

To People Who Want To Lose At Least 10Lbs…And Are Frustrated Because They’ve Tried Everything And Nothing Works!

If you are ready to finally lose all the weight you want…

And get in the best shape of your life

Then youll LOVE this story…

From: Donna Markley
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Wednesday, 1:48 P.M.
March 14th, 2018

Dear Friend,

In the days leading up to their weekend ski trip, Susie Rutledge was a nervous wreck.

This was supposed to be fun…

Susie’s burning question: what if I can’t keep up?

A trip to the Poconos with good friends, fresh snow, and black-diamond slopes.

But instead of feeling excited, Susie’s brain was consumed with one, burning question:

What if I can’t keep up???​

Years ago, she was a vibrant, athletic woman.

Now…she couldn’t walk up one set of stairs without gasping for breath.

She was overweight.

And starting to realize she was missing out on the best years of her life because of it.

Friends invited her out, but she didn’t want to leave the house.

She felt embarrassed and uncomfortable in her body…

Her clothes just didn’t fit right anymore…

And if that wasn’t enough, critical health issues were piling up with every trip to the doctor.

You really need to lose some weight, they said.

I know… she replied.

And she tried.

And tried.

But after countless diets that never worked, she had to face the truth:

Her situation was hopeless.  She would always be heavy.

I’m happy to tell you that Susie’s story doesn’t end here.

In fact, she went on to not only lose an incredible 71 pounds…she also rid her body of a rare hormonal disorder caused by carrying too much weight!

Losing 71 pounds feels incredible!

When you see her today, she’s a transformed woman.  Happy with her body.  Full of energizing confidence.

Susie’s story is not unusual.

Truth is, there are thousands of men and women in Philadelphia alone who feel like they are missing out on the life they deserve because they aren’t happy with their body.

If you are one of them, I want to help you.

Because just like Susie, you CAN get in shape and live the life of your dreams, even if:

  • You have tried every gym, workout program, and diet in the book…and nothing gets you the results you want.
  • Your confidence has hit an all-time low, and you worry you’re beyond the point of no return.
  • Your only real goal is to stop packing on the pounds (actually losing it sounds impossible).
  • You’re intimidated and embarrassed about how out of shape you are…and constantly worried about what people think when they see you.
  • You are afraid to commit because you aren’t sure that getting real results is even possible.
  • You have a crazy schedule and there’s no time for an extensive workout program…even though you need to do something.

If any of this is ringing true, then make sure you read every word of this letter.

Because I am about to show you something that could change your life forever.

But first, you might be wondering…

Who The Heck Am I?

Hey! I’m Perry 🙂

Hi, my name is Donna Markley.

I’m the owner of a new kind of gym called Mitch’s Market Street Gym.

My #1 goal is to help people just like you lose weight, get in shape, and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Just like I did for Susie, who weighed 240 lbs when I met her.  Since then, she has dropped 71 lbs and 8 dress sizes.  She is a brand new woman.

And just like I did for Justin Rosenberg, the CEO of Honeygrow.  Just a couple years ago, he was exhausted and 15 pounds overweight.  Running on fumes.

Together, we discovered a critical issue that was sabotaging his progress for years.  He quickly dropped to his lowest weight since high school.

We even designed an exercise routine that fit his insane, irregular schedule.

At Philly Phitness, I customize every exercise and nutrition program for every client.  So no matter what your goal is, I can help you get there by overcoming critical roadblocks before they pop up.

I do this by:

  • Building a custom program that is designed for you.  Which means you’ll never do a cookie-cutter workout. Every exercise is one step closer to your specific goals.
  • Looking at your past history and lifestyle patterns (along with the patterns of hundreds of clients I have worked with).  This helps us anticipate your roadblocks ahead of time.  Which means you can overcome any obstacle that pops up.  Before it happens.

The best part?

You’ll be getting into the best shape of your life, with ease.

I’ve worked with people of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and life situations.

And as a former Engineer, I take a results-based approach to designing the perfect program for every client at Philly Phitness.

Over the last 7 years…

I’ve Personally Helped Over 500 People Transform Their Lives!

At this point, I’ve seen it all – or close to it anyway!

So whatever situation you are in, there’s a good chance I can relate to it.

When I worked with Susie and Justin, we began by outlining their specific goals and needs.

Next, I helped them identify potential roadblocks along the way.

The result?

What’s your goal? Lose weight? Build strength? We can help you get there.

Their lives are completely transformed.

In fact, Susie and Justin have managed to:

  • Lose weight they were working to get rid of for years without seeing any results…
  • Decrease their stress levels, while simultaneously increasing energy and confidence
  • Tone and strengthen their bodies in ways they can not only see on the outside, but feel on the inside!

There are hundreds of stories just like theirs.

Truth is…YOU could be next.

Since we exclusively focus on 1-to-1 relationships with our clients…

​You get our undivided attention on your goals and your life.

It’s an important part of our business model.  I’ve seen people ride the weight-loss roller coaster for years.  They try one gym, workout, or diet after another…and none of it gives them long-term results.

When I started Philly Phitness, I knew there had to be another way

Let me tell you why you’re about to lose more weight, gain more tone, create more energy, and have the best fitness experience of your life.

1-on-1 Training That Gets You Long-Term Results

How fast will you reach your goals with the focus and attention of a trained professional?

At Philly Phitness, 1-on-1 training is all we do.

Just imagine…

If you had the focus of a trained professional working directly with you…

How much faster could you lose your first 10… 20… or even 30 pounds?

Soon, you’ll be standing in front of the mirror, SHOCKED at how good you look...instead of quickly walking by, trying to avoid a reflection that embarrasses you.

Remember – the difference is this:

  • You get a customized program with personal attention…so it doesn’t matter where you are starting right now, or how out of shape you feel.
  • You’ll be able to see the obstacles that have kept you from success in the past…so even if you feel like you have tried everything, you can workout with confidence.

This time really is different.

For All Levels Of Fitness…Whether You Are Gasping For Breath After One Set Of Stairs, Or Planning To Run A Marathon This Year!

Remember Susie?  Just a few years ago she weighed 240 pounds.  She could barely fit into XXL pants.  On top of that, she had serious health issues like PCOS and Sleep Apnea.

She felt helpless.  Beyond the point of no return.

And she tried a heck of a lot of diets – nothing worked.


In just 6 months at Philly Phitness, she dropped 8 dress sizes and 71 pounds.

On top of that, last June, she ran 13 miles at the Odyssey Half Marathon (and when I met her, she told me there was no way she could run even one mile).

Susie not only lost 71 pounds, she just ran a half-marathon last June! (when she started she couldn’t even run 1 mile!)

Point is – it doesn’t matter where you’re starting.

Or what you’ve tried before.  You can do this.

And you dont have to do it alone.

Community Support Even Outside The Gym…So It’s Easy To Stay Consistent And Motivated

Let’s be honest – when you are working with your trainer in the gym it’s pretty easy to crush your workout.

The struggle is…what happens when you leave?

As a member of Philly Phitness, you get instant access to our Way To Fitness private Facebook group.

Here, we post up daily motivation, nutritional advice, and even simple workout videos that you can use while you are at home, or traveling.

It’s a community space for you to check in and get professional answers to all of your health and fitness questions.

And best of all…

You stay fully-motivated with a group of friendly people invested in transforming their lives.

And that is powerful.

I love how my workout sessions are extended outside of the gym – I get home training workouts, nutrition advice, and Carla even helped me select my own set of Kettlebells! 🙂
– Sharon H, Philadelphia

Nutrition Coaching IS part of your membership

With our RYG Nutrition system, you’ll know exactly what foods will help you lose weight in seconds!

At Philly Phitness, we go beyond a sheet of paper with things you should and shouldn’t eat.

You get personalized nutrition coaching based on your goals and lifestyle…

Plus, access to our super simple RYG Nutrition System.

This gives you the power of counting calories, in just a tiny fraction of the time.

In fact, it is so fast and simple that it only takes a second or two at each meal.

Which means you never have to go nuts measuring out portions, or trying to count every calorie in your meal.

Flexible Scheduling For Even The Busiest People In Philadelphia

City life is busy.

Between work, family, friends, and all the above…

Finding time for your workout is a challenge.

I’m proud to say:

No matter what your schedule is, we will find the time to work with you.

Just like we did with Justin Rosenberg – arguably one of the busiest people I know.

As the CEO of a rapidly growing company (Honeygrow), he is super busy.

And he doesn’t have a consistent schedule.

We work with Justin to fit workouts into his life, whether it’s 5am in the morning, or 10:30pm at night.

That same flexibility is available to all our clients.

Workouts At Your Pace, With Just The Right Amount Of Push

What’s your level of fitness right now?

There’s a good chance that it’s different than Susie, or Justin.

In fact, all our clients start out at very different fitness levels.

And many of them have past injuries.

We take an anatomical approach to designing your workouts.  This helps you accelerate towards your goals, without setbacks or injury.

Bottom line: your safety is our #1 priority.

So you can complete your workouts with confidence, knowing each exercise is designed just for you, by a trainer with years of experience.

Professional Trainers Who Really Understand Fitness

This may come as a surprise, but many of the “trainers” at other gyms aren’t full-time professionals.  Instead, they are essentially part-time enthusiasts.  Sad, but true.

Sometimes they’re just members who swap out their membership fees to coach a few classes.

As you can imagine, working with someone that has zero professional training means:

  • They won’t be able to spot the faulty movement patterns that lead to injury, and…
  • You are highly unlikely to get results (think: Blackjack in a back-alley casino…major uh oh, and the house always wins)

Now, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone specifically, but you should know – this is what’s out there.

At Philly Phitness, we have very high standards for who we invite to be your trainer.

Professional Trainers. Real results.

Every one of them has gone through rigorous education programs.  And they are career professionals.

Which means you can workout with confidence, knowing your trainer is completely invested in their skill-set…and your success.

6 Semi-Private Training Spaces On 3 Floors: DESIGNED For 1-on-1 Training

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of heavily crowded gyms.

Every time you look up, it’s like you’re starring in a movie you didn’t know about…and everyone is gleefully watching for your next squat.

I guess there’s not a whole lot else to do when you are running on a treadmill, but it doesn’t make for a great workout environment.

I designed Philly Phitness for 1-on-1 training.  There are 6 dedicated, semi-private training spaces across 3 floors.

For many of our members, this is one of their favorite parts of working with us.

It means they can concentrate on their workout……instead of the surrounding chaos you get in more crowded environments.

In fact, only 6 people work out at a time in the entire gym.

Does this limit how many members we can have at Philly Phitness overall?


But it is 100% worth it to be able to create that kind of experience for our clients.

Guaranteed Results In Less Than 30 Days… Even If You’ve Tried Everything.

You can be confident you will get results. We guarantee it.

The frustration of trying one workout program after another with zero results is a heartache.

I’ve experienced it.  I know a lot of other people have as well.

If you are wondering, Is this actually going to work for me?

I get it.

That’s why we guarantee results for ALL our clients.

Here’s your Ironclad Guarantee:

If you don’t feel like a brand new person after just 30 days at Philly Phitness, you’ll be getting your money back.

No questions asked.

Just let me know and I’ll write you a check on the spot!

But Don’t Take My Word For It – Here’s What Just A Few Of Our Clients Had To Say On Yelp…

I’ve lost over 15lbs, gained significant strength, and even eliminated a chronic tennis injury that would have driven me to physical therapy. I love how the workouts with my trainer constantly shift to meet my needs and goals – this studio has everything you need!

Ben R.

I’ve worked with a number of trainers and gyms over the years, and I can honestly say that this is the first time I actually look forward to my training sessions each week. If you’re looking for a truly personalized gym in center city with wonderful trainers, you’ve found it here!

Sharon H.

Philly Phitness is a great concept – space dedicated for personal training sessions. It’s made even greater by the awesome trainers. It’s a positive environment, and a HUGE improvement over the training floor at my last gym (lots of sweaty dudes lifting). I never feel self-conscious!

Cat N.

No cookie cutter workouts here – every workout I do is specifically designed for MY goals. And I’m seeing and feeling the results!

Kyle A.

I work 2x/week and Philly Phitness is very flexible about scheduling (I have a really irregular schedule). They push me a bit further than I might push myself, and I’m seeing great results already!

Sharon T.

You won’t find a group of friendlier trainers in the city. This isn’t anything like your typical big box…you get 1-on-1 personal attention, without 1,000 people staring at you as you workout. Plus, the space is modern, spacious, and clean!

Chad B.

Your Transformation Starts The Second You Walk In The Door

Every one of our clients signs “the wall.” It means you’re part of the team, and we are on a journey to help you reach your goals, together.

Every journey starts with the first step, and now…

It’s your turn.

Your life transformation starts the second you walk through the door.

It’s that fast, because you are making a decision to change, and following through on it.

No one can make the decision for you.  So I encourage you to do your homework.

Check out some other gyms in the area, and see what they have to offer.

I’m confident you will see the Philly Phitness difference:

  • 1-on-1 training with fitness professionals who truly understand you, your goals, and your potential roadblocks…which means you get the fully customized and personal attention you need to be in the best shape of your life.
  • A motivating space that is designed for 1-on-1 training (no elbows touching or waiting in line here…and you’ll never look up and see a whole buncha people just watching you workout)
  • Guaranteed results that you will reach your goals, even if you feel completely out of shape and overweight, and are worried that nothing will work.

Trust me, just like all of our clients, you can do this too.

What To Expect In Your First 6 Weeks At Philly Phitness

Here’s a taste of what you can expect in your first 6 weeks at Philly Phitness.

We are about to go on a journey from where you are now (point A), to where you want to be (point B):

Week 1 & 2:

On day one, you’ll do a fitness assessment to establish your “Point A.”  This is your baseline fitness, and flexibility.No matter where you are starting, by the time you finish your first assessment you’ll feel a boost of confidence and self-worth.  You have made a commitment to action and change…and your trainer has made that commitment to you as well.  Powerful.

By the end of week 2 you are amazed at your progress so far.  You notice a newfound energy in all areas of your life.

Week 3 & 4:

In weeks 3 & 4 you begin to see significant strength gains.  Workouts that felt crushingly hard when you started are now almost easy.

Your confidence is at an all time high.  Now, you really believe that long-term change is possible.  You see it everyday.  Your clothes fit differently, and your friends and family are commenting on how good you look.

You feel like a million bucks already, but it’s about to get better

Week 5 & 6:

In weeks 5 & 6 you start seeing the major signs of change.  You just hit your first weight loss milestone.  You’re 10-12 pounds lighter than just 6 weeks ago.

You have a newfound willpower in all areas of life.  When you walk into a room people are struck by your confidence and presence.  It’s like an energy constantly flowing through you.

By the time you hit week 6, you’ll be doing things you thought were impossible!

Now, you are doing things you thought impossible…and realizing that the goals you set for Point B may not have been big enough…

You are already close to achieving them!

Now, you can do more than you ever thought or expected.  The new you is making major waves –  in fact, you barely recognize the old self that started just 6 weeks ago!

Truth is…by the time you reach week 6, you have transformed your entire life.

And to get you started, I want to help you take your first step on day 1, for free.

Your Free Fitness Assessment (+ Exclusive Bonuses!)

Now, I know that committing to a new workout program feels like a big step…

Especially if you’ve been frustrated and let down in the past.

That’s why we offer a free fitness assessment to test the waters.  Plus, we will give you some of our best training resources whether you join Philly Phitness or not.

Here’s what your Fitness Assessment will look like:

  1. Functional Movement Screen.  This is how we establish your Point A. By doing this short combination of movements, we can also identify potential physical roadblocks, like strength imbalances and asymmetries. This allows us to design a program for you that avoids the #1 roadblock: injury.
  1. Goal Setting.  What do you want your life and body to look like? We work with you to establish your Point B goals. Often, our clients find themselves hitting their Point B goals faster than they thought possible, so goal setting is an ongoing part of the process.
  1. Get To Know Each Other.  Together, we will take a look at your past history and patterns to identify potential obstacles to reaching your goals. This is an ongoing process for all of our members, and this is what ensures your success.
  1. Tour.  And last but not least, you get a tour of our beautiful facility.

During your fitness assessment you’ll also be getting some exclusive bonuses (yours to keep, whether we decide to work together or not!).

Normally, the time for this in-person consultation and fitness assessment would cost you $100, but you will be getting it completely FREE.

This short video helps you build a bulletproof morning routine that starts every day off right.

Don’t worry, even if you are super busy and feel like you don’t have time, we have simple mindset hacks and tactics that you can apply on the go. These simple strategies are proven to help you increase happiness, confidence, and productivity.

Normally this video costs $29.95, but you will be getting it absolutely FREE!

We packed this short video with tips on what you can eat to help accelerate weight loss…plus a few things we recommend avoiding as well. You also get our wildly simple RYG approach to tracking your nutrition throughout the day. This only takes a couple seconds at each meal, and can make a massive impact on your weight loss success.

Our Nutrition Hacks training goes for $29.95, but not for you. You’ll be getting it for FREE!

Ever wonder what movements you should (and shouldn’t) put into a short workout that you can do at home or while traveling, with minimal equipment? That’s what this short video training is all about: the critical movements we recommend for functional strength that make you look good and feel strong.

Everyone else paid $29.95 for this video, but you will be getting it at a 100% discount: FREE!

We’ve taken our top-recommended tools and apps that you can use to get in the best shape of your life, and PACKED them into this video training. You may recognize a couple of these, but I guarantee there is something in here that help you amplify your fitness, fast.

We literally don’t even offer this video for sale, and I’m not sure if we ever will. But I know how important it is to have the right tools for the job, so we are sharing our insider tools with your…totally FREE!

When you add it all up, I’m basically giving you $189.85 worth of free gifts (not to mention our bonus Way To Fitness Toolkit!).

Are you ready to lose more weight, gain more tone, and feel more energized than you ever have before?

And here’s why I do it:

I am that serious about your fitness and health.

Are you ready to take the first step and claim your free gifts?

Here’s What To Do Next

Schedule your free consultation by clicking the button below.

You’ll see a short questionnaire where you can fill out a few details about yourself, your fitness and health, and your goals.

Once I have your application, myself or one of my trainers will be in touch to set up your free consultation (where we will do your fitness assessment, and hook you up with your free gifts).

I can’t wait to meet you and help you get in the best shape of your life.

Click the button below to get started now:

There’s One More Reason Why You Don’t Want To Delay!

Warning: Very Limited Memberships Available

I really hope all of our memberships aren’t sold out by the time you read this.

Truth is, we have a strict limit on how many members we can have at Philly Phitness.  That number is just 100 people. It’s limited because it is so important to ensure that every member has the attention and customization they need.

Our members really appreciate this because like I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, it means you can focus on your workout, without feeling like a whole mess of people are just staring at your every move.

So there’s no time to waste – let’s get you in the best shape of your life starting TODAY.

Click this button to schedule your free consultation:

I can’t help you until you take that step.

But I promise you this: no matter how old you are, how out of shape you feel, and what conditions have kept you from success in the past…you can live a life with happiness and purpose.

Let’s start today.

Talk soon,

P.S. – In case you skimmed right to the bottom, here’s the deal…

I want to help you lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, even if you feel like nothing works for you.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, because I’m giving you $189.85 worth of free gifts (see above!)…AND a 30-day no-questions asked, take-it-to-the-bank guarantee:

If you don’t feel like a brand new person in your first 30 days at Philly Phitness, you’ll be getting your money back – guaranteed.

Click this button to schedule your free consultation and claim your free gifts:

In addition to keep everyone interested from one week to the next, we will have a weekly drawing for all people who have weighed in on that last Monday. This will give everyone a chance to win special prizes regardless of your overall weight loss.

The registration fee for members will be $15, and all proceeds will be donated to charity. For non-members the fee is $75 which includes the registration fee and the 8 week eZFit membership. Non Members may begin using the club upon registration.

This is a fantastic chance for non members to try the gym and at the same time benefit from the Mitch’s Meltdown Weight Loss Challenge. So tell your friends and neighbors about the Meltdown and give them a chance to see why Mitch’s Gym is the best place to get healthy and fit!!!